Why do White Sox Fans Hate the Cubs so Much?

Chicago is a city that takes its baseball very seriously and emotionally.  There is venom spewed towards each team, Cubs and White Sox, from both sides of town.  It is one of the best and most heated of all the Interleague rivalries.  It brings out the worst in both fandoms.  However, the hatred White Sox fans feel towards the Cubs and their fans is as strong as any in American sports.  The whole world wide thing wouldn’t work as an example here because there are still international soccer fans out there.   No one can match “Futbol” fans insanity and contempt for one another, not even the most devote Sox fan.  But, White Sox fans come extremely close with their intense hatred of the Cubs.  Admittedly, there are some Cub fans that act just as bad as the most boorish of White Sox fans.  But, in my personal opinion, there is a lot more hatred coming from the southside Sox fan.

So, what are the reasons for all the hatred from Sox fans towards the Cubs?  I have asked many Sox fans this question and the typical response is, “Cubs suck.”  Really, that’s all they’ll say, they won’t even know why they hate the Cubs so much.  I lived in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago for 8 years.  I lived within walking distance of, “The Cell.”  Even though I was a Cubs’ fan, I would walk to at least ten White Sox games a year.  Plus, living in the Heart of White Sox nation, I got a good feel for the pulse of the White Sox fan.  That pulse told me one thing, “White Sox fans hate the Cubs more than they like their own team.”  There is a small minority of White Sox fans who only care about the Pale Hose and they waste zero of their energy hating the Cubs.  But, finding one of these, “rational” White Sox fans is as hard as finding a full set of teeth in the mouth of a Sox fan at, “The Cell.”

The best example of White Sox fans hating the Cubs more than loving their own team happened to me the day the Sox clinched the World Series in 2005.   This was during the time in my life I lived in Bridgeport.  The whole neighborhood knew I did a sports radio show and that I was a huge Cubs fan.  Well, seconds after Juan Uribe made his second great play of the ninth inning to wrap up that World Series, multiple people screamed into a window at my house, “Cubs Suck!”   Yes, as White Sox fans stormed into the streets to celebrate their first Championship since 1917, dozens of people let me know how they felt about the Chicago Cubs.  I’m not going to lie, a feeling of jealousy or rage flowed through me as I watched the Sox’ players celebrating in Houston.  Then, the barrage of, “Cubs Suck!”  were being screamed at me by faceless and gutless White Sox fans.  My rage and jealousy turned into laugter.  They weren’t screaming pro Sox stuff, they were screaming anti-Cubs stuff.  I realized that in the greatest moment of White Sox elation, a handful of their fans were more worried about letting me know that the, “Cubs Suck!”   then they were to celebrate their victory.  Well, thank you, you witless Sox fans.  It made me feel a lot better about the Sox winning knowing you actually cared about what I thought and felt.

You would think that after catching lightning in a bottle, becoming the luckiest team in MLB history and winning it all in 2005 it would make a more kinder and gentler White Sox fan, it hasn’t.  To this day, if I wear Cubs’ paraphenalia on the Southside, I will hear someone yell out, “Cubs Suck!”  Yet, to this day, I have never belittled a person just for being a Sox fan.  However, if you start with me, I will finnish the argument. (BTW, keep reading this blog daily for a post about winning any argument with a sox fan, it’s coming soon.)

So, why is there so much anger towards the Cubs and their fans?  I’m going to throw out a few ideas now, but I’m really going to need help from you fans on this one.  Please, comment below.   Is it because Cub fans are renowned around the World as the most devoted and loyal fans of any team or Club on the globe?  Is it because people actually have fun in the ballpark?  Is it because the Cubs don’t need to blast off fireworks to get a sellout on a beautiful summer Saturday night?  Is it because people from around the world know the Cubs and don’t even realize the White Sox exist?  Is it becasue the neighborhood around  Wrigley Field is known as one of the great party atmospheres in America?  Is it because White Sox fans are socialist and enjoy the fact that the taxpayers of Illinois built that concrete donut of a monstrosity you call, “The Cell?”  Is it because Cub fans love their team and are indifferent towards the Sox?  I don’t know, I’m just asking.  I’m honestly not too worried why Sox fans hate us so much, Ive just always found it funny.  So, I’d like to get some answers.  By no means am I trying to say us Cub fans are better than Sox fans, I don’t have to, because most sports fans already feel this way.  I just want to know why there is so much hate in their hearts.

So, White Sox fans, feel free to continue to hate the Cubs and us Cubs’ fans, I like it that way.  Just remember, when the Cubs win it all, the silence in Bridgeport will be deafening.  You won’t hear any of us screaming, “Sox suck!”  We’ll be too busy celebrating.  I will be thinking of Ron Santo and my Pops as I dance in the streets.  You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that the ONE thing you had over us Cubs’ fans, 2005, is meaningless.



  1. You are typical of a useless Cub fan. You probably only go to games to drink! All of you are stupid!

  2. They hate the Cubs because they hate their lives.

    • anthony mikutis

      shut up im a sox fan here so just shut up

  3. one thing for sure is you can feel the game is going on at the Cubs 2 miles away. maybe even farther. you know the game is on with the people and the energy they bring. i live half a mile from the sox stadium and i usually dont even know there is a game until i am within 2 blocks from the stadium. the sox fans are just not as lively has the cubs fans. sox fans lacks energy and enthusiasm. they come to the game right before it starts. after the game they go straight home because there is nothing to do after the game. there is no entertainment amenities within the cell park. whereas the cubs has so much resourceful amenities. cubs fans flock streets well before the game and linger long into the night. sox fans are just jealous that cubs fans have more fun.

  4. Prideinus

    Jojowhitesox, you know you helped prove this guy’s point?

  5. Ophie

    Tomorrow is wear your world series shirt to work day !

  6. rj

    I think its because the sox are a better team than the cubs year after year, yet it is still a cubs city. I do believe the sox have just as many fans, I don’t know, has there been some kind of fan count taken? I have been a lifelong sox fan and I could care less about the cubs or their fans, so I don’t waste time bashing them. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the cubs is LOCATION! Put the sox in a ball field surrounded by bars in a trendy neighborhood and I guarantee the sox would be the most loved team in Chicago. For a true sox fan like me, it doesn’t matter what side of the city theyre on, I will still watch and root for them.

  7. wierd al

    Sox fans don’t hate the cubs, they hate they’re fans. I try to talk baseball with my buds who are cubs fans and I start talking numbers and actually try to talk sense to them, and all I ever hear is “we got the fans.”
    Gimme a break. I even take it a step further and ask them why they love the cubs so much and all I ever hear is that its been a family tradition or something to that tune. I have yet to hear that they like them because they have a solid ballclub who actually wins. I don’t get it, any conversation I try to gave with cubs fans turns to arguments. I refuse to do it anymore. I commend cubs fans for being passionately loyal to they’re team, I know many sox fans just as loyal. I cannot commend cubs fans for being loyal to a team that seems to get worse every year. I guess its displaced. The sox aren’t post season contenders every year, but they win often and are exciting to watch. I wish the cubs would actually win already, I really do. It’s unreal how overrated the cubs are.

  8. Nick

    we hate the cubs and their fans because they are obnoxious animals, every single year they think it’s their year to win and it always fails and it’s funny, I have fun laughing at the cubs but i love the sox more than i hate the cubs because the sox are in my blood. im not about to sit here and listen to a cubs fan whine because they want to know why the sox fans hate their team,

    the only reason you feel the cubs fans are so loyal and devoted is because of attendance, do you not realize that wrigley field is one of the top tourist attractions in chicago? do you not realize that there are just as many sox fans in this city as cubs fans? the people that go to wrigley field are not all cubs fans, they are there to see the ballpark because it’s a landmark venue but it’s also a dump, the sightlines suck, the seats are almost always behind a post, the urine smell is pretty bad, the food sucks, its too cramped and outdated. you don’t have these problems at sox park, sox park is beautiful, it’s clean, it doesn’t smell like urine, the only posts are high in the upper deck, there is plenty of room to walk around, the sightlines are very good and they have some of the best food in baseball. and as far as the neighborhood goes, i’ll take bridgeport over wrigleyville anyway, we are locals, the tourists, gays and yuppies hang out in wrigleyville. there are at least 7 or 8 bars i can get to in a short time so we don’t need wrigleyville.

    and as far as lilly here not knowing there is a game going on until you are within 2 blocks of the ballpark that has got to be the dumbest thing ive ever heard, i live in canaryville and walk to sox games all the time, there are parking attendants on 37th street, the hot dog stands on 35th have parking for games and people walking around all over, the grandstand at 35th and wallace is open, the bars in bridgeport are much busier so how can you tell me that you cant tell that there is a game going on until you get 2 blocks from the ballpark? and you are going to tell me that you can tell from diversey and halsted that there is a cubs game going on? wow. obviously you don’t pay attention.

  9. MunkyMan

    Yeah. We all go to Wrigley to drink, because when I’m thirsty all I can think about is how I can’t wait to pay $7.75 for a nasty ass Old Style. Idiot. You Sox fans don’t even know why you hate the Cubs. The worst thing that can happen to a Sox fan is for the Cubs to win because for whatever reason they are just so hateful and selfish that they can’t stand to see anybody other than themselves (including their friends) be happy. There are some good Sox fans out there that root for their team like a fan should, but they are the rare few. Being out watching Cubs day games and cheering for one’s own team should never be answered with “Shut the fuck up, fucking Cubs fan!!”. Those “White Sox fans” are classless, jealous, hateful pieces of shit and deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

  10. nside11

    1st off congradtz to the 2005 whitesox for bringing a WS to chicago. I am a die hard cub fan, but to trash the 05 sox and call them lucky is out of line. I agree I don’t understand why sox fans hate the cubs. I don’t get why why they attend a white sox/ twins game with cubs suck shirts on. I guess I just dont get being a sox fan. I love the cubs and the northside but you are coming off as an ugly cubs fan. There are plenty of white sox fans that DONT scream cubs suck and don’t root vs the cubs. Just like their are cubs fans who hate the sox for no reason. No one side is perfect.

  11. K

    Yeah, Cub fans have so much class. Just ask Steve Bartmen…

  12. James

    Sox fans will never be jealous of anything cubs I for one will never be jealous of fans who dump beer on other players or that treatment of Steve Bartman was uncalled for no fan of any MLB team will ever be jealous of the cubs or their classless fans.

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